The City of Pacific’s roots are linked to the rivers that Pacific Schoolflow through the fertile valley of south King County and northern Pierce County.

The first pioneers arrived in the White River Valley around the mid-1800s. By 1878, hops had become a major crop in the City of Pacific and throughout King and Pierce Counties. This was short-lived, however. A disastrous epidemic of hop lice, augmented by the depression of the 1890s and the American Panic of 1893, brought an end to hop farming. Farmers turned to dairies, berries, vegetables, and bulbs.
In 1936, the Gius Market moved to its new location. The Gius building has been added to seven times. In 1978, Ron and Barb Gius bought the business, which is now in its fourth generation of family management.

Another family business in Pacific was the Campbell Service Station. Owen Campbell purchased the gas station in 1934.

Earlier, it had been a confectionery and lunch counter run by Mrs. Heppel. At the time the Cambells bought the station, Mr. Campbell worked for Todd Shipyard in Tacoma. Mrs. Campbell and their two small children tended to the store while Mr. Campbell worked.

Eventually, Mr. Campbell was able to work full time at the station. They expanded the business and sold it to the Dunigan’s in 1973, who in turn sold it to Don Small who converted it to a restaurant and added the post office. The restaurant closed in 1988 and Melissa Small continued to run the post office until Glenda White bought the property and the contract to operate the post office in 1992.

The business is presently named “The Union Station Gift & Collectibles” and continues to be owned and operated by Glenda White.

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